An afternoon in the Jeonju Hanok Village

Photo by rawkkim

If you come to South Korea, you will quickly notice that the country is a real mix between tradition and modernity.

On my first time travelling here, I was pleasantly surprised to find traditional Korean houses in some random streets, between shops and other buildings. Those traditional houses are called « Hanok » in Korean (written 한옥) and are mainly built with raw materials such as wood, straw, stone,… It is still very common to see those houses in every city of South Korea, and you can also experience sleeping in one of them, as some hotels and guesthouses offer their clients to stay in Hanok.
Being an integral part of the South Korean culture heritage, some villages have been preserved by the country and are now in the top bucket list of Korean travelers.

The traditional village that I want to introduce today is the Jeonju Hanok Village, which is home to no less than 800 Hanok, built under the Joseon Dynasty.

While walking around the village, you will find cutely amusing to see Korean dressed in traditional costumes called Hanbok. You can also join the trend and rent or buy your own costume at one of the many clothing shops.

The star of the Jeonju Hanok Village however is the Bibimbap, a traditional Korean rice dish mixed with vegetables and meat. Jeonju even has an annual festival dedicated to the dish, so if you plan to visit this place during October, do not miss it! Most restaurants serve bibimbap along with soup, salad and some kimchi. The average price is 10,000 won (approx. 9 usd).

I would recommend you to go on a small walk if you feel full after the Bibimbap, to be able to enjoy a traditional desert called « Patbingsu » (written 팥빙수).

This delicacy also originated from the Joseon Dynasty. It is traditionally served in a bowl and composed of red beans (pat – 팥) covering shaved ice (bingsu – 빙수) and topped with some rice cakes. It is a dessert that Korean particularly enjoy during summer time. Flavors and ingredients composing the dessert can also vary.

As for me, I chose to have a black sesame shaved ice. It was delicious!

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