Staying at a traditional Korean hotel in Incheon

Before settling down in Gwangju, I flied many times from France to South Korea to meet my other half. Therefore, as most of visitors coming to the country, Incheon was the very first city I set my foot in.

As most of my flights arrived in late afternoon at Incheon Airport, we usually decided to spend the first day there, before travelling around South Korea. 

Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon Hotel

One memorable experience I had at Incheon was staying at a Korean traditional style hotel: the Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon Hotel. I am a real fan of the Korean traditional houses, also called Hanok, and this was the perfect place for me to stay at. The architecture of the hotel is mesmerizing, and the inside of each room holds up to our expectations of a traditional Korean experience.

The hotel offers its visitors to sleep in two kinds of traditional style rooms: one with a mattress, on the traditional heated “ondol” floor, and another one, on a modern bed. As the Hotel was already full on the dates of our stay, we were not able to book the traditional “ondol” room and opted for the Deluxe Double Bed Room.

Compared to other Korean hotels, the room was very spacious and even offered a shower and a separate traditional bathtub for a relaxing sauna-type moment. As we were located on the second floor, we were able to have a wonderful view of the court of the hotel whenever we crossed the door to go out.

We went back to the Hotel a few months ago for one night, and although we stayed at the same type of Deluxe Double Bed Room, we were given a more spacious one with a private garden. Hopefully on our second stay, the hotel was not fully booked. We were told that these rooms located at the ground floor were mostly reserved for families with kids or elders.

Songdo Central Park

As we were taking a walk around Gyeongwonjae, we found ourselves in a park: the Songdo Central Park, which is directly accessible from the hotel. There are various ways for visitors to enjoy the park, such as bicycling and kayaking.

We walked until sunset and the night view was beautiful, as boats were shining, and as we could see the hotel lights from the park.

What a view!

Below is an aerial view of the hotel (picture from the Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon Hotel website). Isn’t it beautiful?

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